Circle of Trauma; Annual Fall Training; Buffalo

October 14, 2017

Bennett High School

2885 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14214

(716) 816-4250

Organized By

WNYFAFA; Western New York Foster and Adoptive Families Association, Inc

Western New York Foster Adoptive Families Association WNYFAPAWestern New York Foster and Adoption Parent Association presents their Free Annual Fall Training:

The Circle of Trauma; Understanding and tackling blocked trust and blocked care

Every feel like you are going to lose your mind? We all have.
In this workshop, we’ll tackle the challenge of caring for adoptive children and children in foster care with adverse childhood experiences and difficult past histories. This is designed for those parenting children who have relationship difficulties, especially children that have experienced attachment problems, trauma, loss and/or separations early in life. The hope is that this program will be helpful for parents who are having parenting challenges and enable them to in crease their emotional connection with their children.  We will use the Adverse Childhood Experiences ( ACEs) questionnaire to discuss trauma, blocked care, blocked trust and how to build resiliency in bother yourself and the children you are about. This workshop is a precursor of the Reframing Parenting weekend workshop the Coalition will be presenting in the spring. 

Presenter: Richard Heyl de Ortiz, Executive Director, Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition of New York. 

Free Admission | 4 hour Training Certificates Available | Refreshments Served

Please RSVP by October 11th; 716-858-1630 or