Annual Foster Care and Adoption Conference

AFFCNY's 30 annual foster care and adoption conference

 The Coalition’s 30th Annual New York State Foster Care and Adoption Conference will be held on Thursday, May 30 – Saturday, June 1, 2019  at the Hilton Albany in Albany, New York

For three decades, the Coalition’s annual statewide conference has provided an opportunity for foster, adoptive and relative care parents to join with professionals to be inspired, network and learn about the latest in the field.

Aimed at parents and professionals alike, the conference brings leaders in the child welfare field to New York and offers a variety of topical workshops designed to deepen the knowledge of attendees, make connections to other parents and professionals and give attendees tools they can bring home and share in their community.  Nationally-known plenary speakers and workshop presenters share their knowledge and expertise to help participants gain perspective, increase skills, and learn to appreciate the positives. 

Calling for Conference Workshop Proposals

The Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition of New York is seeking presenters for the 2019 annual conference. We encourage foster, kinship and adoptive parents, child welfare professionals, adoptees, birth parents, youth formerly in foster care, therapists, child advocates and researchers to submit workshop proposals for one or more of our thirty workshops.

Conference Theme for 2019

Transitions and Connections: Moving Forward on the Journey and Building Community Along the Way

Life is in a constant flux. In our work, we see children moving from one home to another, from one family to a new one. Parents morph from temporary care givers to permanent families.  Permanency goals change from reunification to adoption and sometimes back again. Case workers and agency personnel leave or are reassigned.  Laws and policies are updated. Relationships move in new directions. Contact with biological family can become more restricted or more open and then reverse. Youth in care age out of the system. Children grow and their needs change.

Just when you think you reach place to pause, another change is coming around the corner. Yet, throughout all these transitions, it is the connections we make with others that provides meaningful value to us and, most importantly, the children in our care.

The Coalition’s 2019 conference will highlight and explore innovative methods that create a cohesive system of services to support effective, meaningful transitions for all young people and their families.  We will focus on the human connections that ebb and flow between all parties in the adoption constellation; adoptive, foster, kinship, original, extended families and fictive kin. We’ll examine the ways we connect with others, share vulnerabilities, and, in turn, gain trust and openness from those in our lives.

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