What Every Foster Parent Needs to Know

At the time a child is placed with you, you have the right to have–and the professional obligation to find out–information which will enable you to do the best possible job.

In order to fulfill your roles as:

  • A substitute parent
  • A formal member of the treatment team
  • a Primary treatment provider for the child
  • A role model and teacher for the biological parent(s)
  • a Facilitator of visitations
  • An advocate for the child

You will need specific information:

  1. Why is the child being placed?
  2. What is the child’s legal status?
  3. Does the child have any behavior problems, unusual habits, etc.?
  4. Does the child have any siblings , Where do they reside?  What is the visitation plan, Why are the siblings not placed together?
  5. What is the plan for visitation with parents, others?
  6. Has the child been in foster care before, What is the placement history?
  7. Does the child have a Medicaid card?
  8. Who is the child’s pediatrician or doctor,  dentist?
  9. When was the child’s last physical, Does the child have any allergies, Is the child taking any medication?
  10. Are there sufficient clothes? If not, when can an initial clothing allowance be authorized?
  11. What are the agency’s expectations of your family?
  12. What is the child’s educational background and record?
  13. Who is the child’s law guardian, What is the date of the child’s Service Plan Review Conference?

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