2011 Healing Connections foster care conference

2011: Healing Connections

New York State Foster Care and Adoption Conferences

22nd Annual Foster Care and Adoption Conference

Friday, May 6 – Saturday, May 7, 2011 • Albany Marriott

Healing Connections-  2011 annual adoption and foster care conference
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Healing Connections, the Coalition’s 2011 annual conference, gave parents and professionals the opportunity to remain current on law and policy and learn new skills and strategies to work with families and children to form healing connections to help children overcome past trauma, return safely to their birth family, and/or form new relationships.

We are grateful to our many 2011 conference sponsors, volunteers, and exhibitors for making this year’s conference a lively and engaging event that provided attendees with an opportunity to gain perspective, network with other parents and professionals, increase skills and have some fun.

2011 Conference Workshop Handouts

The following contains workshop descriptions and links to workshop handouts from the Coalition’s 2016 Foster Care and Adoption Conference. You can order audio recordings of the conference here.

Plenary Address: Keeping the Promise, May 6, 2011Adam Pertman

#1. Treating Trauma by Training the Brain – “Yes,” we can actually train the brain to operate in a calmer manner. Neurofeedback is designed to help kids focus, tone down their impulsivity, regulate emotionally and much more!  Arleta James

#3. Can Pre-Adoption Work Help with Post-Adoption Services? – Is there something an agency can do for an applicant family in the earliest days that will have positive impact years and years later? Come and hear why one agency says “Yes.” Maris Blechner

#4. Understanding Child Sexual Abuse – Many of the children entering and leaving foster care have been sexually abused.  Explore some of the myths and facts surrounding child sexual abuse and get an introduction to this topic.  Ron Robinson

#5. Preparing for the Future – The transition from high school is challenging and especially so for those with disabilities. The session will focus upon post-high school options available for emerging adults with developmental, mental health and other disabilities. Jeffrey Tamburo and Dianne O’Connor

#6 & 11. Brothers & Sisters in Adoption: Part I and II – It is often a struggle to balance the needs of typical kids with those of an adoptee with a history of trauma. If you are concerned about the impact of adopting on your developmentally healthy children, this workshop will be helpful.  Arleta James

#7. Beyond Culture Camp – This interactive workshop examines what works best for professionals, parents and adopted people themselves to form good self-esteem and positive identity for adoptees as children and throughout the developmental cycle.  Adam Pertman

 #8. Post Adoption Contact Agreements Can Lead To Shorter Time in Foster Care – PACA’s are enforceable and can secure family ties after adoption.  Come explore how birth families who wish to maintain contact can sign a conditional surrender, allowing them PA Contact. Michael Goldstein, Esq.

#9. Positive Communication for Effective Discipline – Based on How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk, this workshop will help parents avoid common communication pitfalls and make small but powerful changes to gain cooperation. Helen Shin

#10. Lessons Learned: Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Evaluation – The workshop will examine barriers to achieving a successful adoption as well as factors that facilitate a successful adoption, from the viewpoint of 101 prospective and current adoptive parents from 19 different states. Raquel Ellis, Amy McKlindon

#12.  Access to Original Birth Certificates: Perspectives from an Adoption Agency – Over the last 2 years Hillside has conducted a rigorous review to develop a board-endorsed perspective on access to original birth certificates. Learn from our process and consider an alignment in efforts to change New York State law.Karen Zandi 

#13. Attachment Focused Family Therapy – What is Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy? Learn the fundamental principles and how it addresses adoptees’ disrupted emotional and relational development with examples from actual psychotherapy cases. Courtney Rennicke

 #14. Services for Children with Developmental Disabilities – F/A parents often have to advocate for children with developmental disabilities with multiple service agencies. Workshop participants will refine their own negotiating skills as they practice example interactions with service providers.  Diana Schultz

#15. Judicial Perspectives: What Foster Parents and Caseworkers Should Know – How can these parties assist the court?  What are the expectations and questions for all participants? Hon. David Brockway

#16. Trauma: Basics of Trauma and its Effects – Caring for children who have experienced Trauma. Understanding how trauma affects children can help make sense of their sometimes baffling behavior, feelings, and attitudes. Joanne Trinkle

#18. Adoption: Family Identity and Communication – Is there a positive explanation for the negative acting-out behavior of adopted children? Come and hear one agency’s theory and experience that is really about dissolution-prevention.  Robert Ballard

#20. Legal Rights of Foster and Adoptive Parents – What are the rights of foster and adoptive parents when allegations of abuse or neglect are made? What are the families’ rights when the agency wants to remove the child from their home? Margaret Burt, Esq.

#21. Trauma: Building a Safe Place, Dealing with Feelings and Behaviors – Strategies that work with children who have experienced trauma will be discussed. Joanne Trinkle

#22. Family Finding Mentors: Recruit Permanent Parents for Teens – Learn how mentors can recruit lifetime parents for teens in foster care while in a one-on-one mentoring relationship with the youth. Mentors will be taught the family recruitment strategies utilized by You Gotta Believe. Pat O’Brien and Barbara Kenyon

#24. Stories and the Adoptee’s Identity – This workshop explores how past, present, and future stories influence adoptee identity, with attention to how stories are sources of both understanding and struggle.Robert Ballard

 #25 & 30. New Legislation and Caselaw in the Child Welfare Area – A two-part session on new laws and developing case law for adoption, permanency hearings, restoration of parental rights, subsidized guardianships, ability of youth to return to care after age 18. Margaret Burt, Esq.

 #26. Trauma: Connections, Healing and Advocacy – Once caregivers are able to understand why children behave the way they do, caregivers can better prepare to help children cope with the effects of trauma and have more positive experiences. Joanne Trinkle

#27. The Transracial Parenting Initiative – An introduction to a program for Canadian families adopting and fostering children from a race or culture different from their own. Interactive exercises and a training DVD “Ready. Willing. Able?”  will be shared. Susan Crawford

#28.  Family and Friends: Let’s Talk About Adoption! – This workshop will examine common issues in adoption and how they impact the adoptive family’s circle of support and explore strategies for engaging family and friends as allies. Diane DiGiorgio 

#29.  The New IEP: What Parents & Advocates Need to Know – An overview of the new IEP form (mandatory for the 2011-2012 school year) as a strategic plan designed for greater student progress and school accountability, and tools to enhance parent participation and understanding. Julie Michaels-Keegan


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