2016: Changing Landscape

New York State Foster Care and Adoption Conferences

27th Annual Foster Care and Adoption Conference

Thursday, May 5 – Saturday, May 7, 2016 • Albany Marriott

Featuring Charlie Appelstein and Regina Kupecky

Changing Landscape, the 2016 New York State Foster Care and Adoption Conference presented by the Coalition will focus on emerging trends and recent legislation that will transform the practice of foster care and adoption in the coming decade.
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Changing Landscape, the 2016 New York State Foster Care and Adoption Conference presented by the Coalition will focus on emerging trends and recent legislation that will transform the practice of foster care and adoption in the coming decade. Eighteen years since the passage and implementation of the Adoption and Safe Families Act, last year’s passage of the federal Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act, the rise in number of kinship placements, the growth in open adoptions, the concepts of normalcy and prudent parenting, and the future implementation of New York State Medicaid Managed Care will provide opportunities for families and professionals to reimagine foster care and adoption.

The 27th annual Coalition conference will offer participants an opportunity to become current on law and policy, learn new skills and strategies to work with families and children, network with other parents and professionals and provide parents and professionals alike with tools and resources to explore possibilities for change.

Nationally known keynote speakers and experts in child welfare and will share their expertise and vision for the future in thirty different workshop presentations.

2016 Conference Handouts

The following contains workshop descriptions and links to workshop handouts from the AFFCNY 2016 Foster Care and Adoption Conference

Parenting the Hurt Child, Part 1

Many tried-and-true parenting methods do not work well with kids who have faced trauma, neglect and abuse. Learn why and some techniques that may help. Regina Kupecky

Evidence-Based Treatments: Which One Is for Our Family?

There are different treatments for different conditions, and getting the right treatment requires an understanding of what is causing the difficulties so that you get the best approach for your family. Arthur Becker-Weidman

Support Matters: Lessons from the Field

This session explores programs and services that help adoptive and foster families meet their children’s needs and how AdoptUSKids can support jurisdictions in this area. Mary Boo, Kathy Ledesma

My Brother, My Sister: Sibling Issues in Adoption and Foster Care

85% of children in care have siblings; 75% lose one or more as they move to permanency. Questions that will be explored include: Why? Can we do better? How can we help a child grieve this loss? Regina Kupecky

The Glass Ain’t Half Full; Heck, It’s Overflowing!

Understanding and responding to kids with emotional and behavioral challenges, using a positive, trauma-Informed strength-based approach, this will provide a follow-up to the keynote address with more principles and techniques. Charlie Appelstein

KinGap: Is It the Right Choice for Your Case

New York’s KinGap program has many facets. Understanding program policies and requirements is key to deciding if it’s the right option for a child’s and a family’s needs. Margaret Burt

You Can’t Do It Yet, Michael!

The focus is on getting kids back on track by using powerful strength-based verbal interventions and self-management strategies, including a host of creative techniques to help kids manage their actions and externalize problem behaviors. Charlie Appelstein

New Permanency Issues for Adolescents

An overview of recent changes in NYS law and regulations affecting permanency goals and case planning activities to implement the federal Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act. Margaret Burt

Use The Force Luke!

Guiding at-risk children and youth often elicits difficult feelings that can compromise a parent’s or professional’s performance. Examine the major triggers and hear strategies for self-management that keep enthusiasm alive. Charlie Appelstein

Help, I Have Been Reported to the Hotline!

Sometimes foster and adoptive parents are reported to the CPS Hotline. Learn what parents should consider if this happens and their legal options regarding such reports. Margaret Burt

Become an Effective Advocate!

You already take on challenges in trying to help children and youth. Become confident in your approach and build on skills to secure the well-being of children in your care in a common-sense manner. Barb Benedict, Fred Elia

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