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Fifty years ago, foster and adoptive families across the state came together to advocate for the needs of their families and the children.  From this movement, the Coalition has grown into unites adoptive and foster parent groups, concerned agencies and individuals throughout the Empire State. We provide services to help support families and their children. We educate the public, legislators and government leaders about the needs and realities of foster, kinship and adoptive families.  Finally, we collaborate with child welfare agencies and other groups to ensure that families are best able to support and parent the children in their homes. 

Our goal, with our 50 for 50 Campaign, is to raise $50,000 in support of our state’s most deserving children and families by November.

Why Support the Coalition? 

Number sof child in foster care in New York State

Families Need Help

Our foster care system is complex. Relatives who care for children often receive little support. Adoptive families cannot find meaningful, relevant support for themselves and their children.  



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Our programs fill an essential need:

Your support for our 50 for 50 Campaign, which is capped with Youth INC’s Celebration on November 9th, will help us sustain this support and grow to meet the needs of our state’s most vulnerable children and families.

Read the Stories* of Our Impact

Providing Support for Foster parents in New York State


Ellen was one of the foster parents awarded a scholarship to the Coalition’s New York Foster Care and Adoption Conference this year. Prior to attending, she had been caring for Eric, who had several challenging behaviors. Ellen admitted during the conference that she was at the end of her rope and seriously ready to call her foster care agency and demand they remove Eric from her home. Read more …


Beth called the Coalition’s HelpLine on a Thursday looking for information on how to search for biological family including her birth mother and known biological siblings. As an adult adoptee born and adopted through foster care in New York, she had already registered with the state’s Adoption Registry and had received her non-identifying information. She had tried to search on her own for fifteen years, only to reach a dead end again and again. Read more…


Sam was born three months premature and had been with Angie since he was five weeks old. After foster parenting for eight months, Angie legally adopted Sam.  Angie was an experienced parent, but now Sam, at sixteen, was really testing both her parenting skills and patience. Angie tearfully admitted to “being done,” ready to surrender Sam back into the foster care system out of frustration and desperation. Read more…

helping kinship care families find services they need


Angie is a grandmother who was in a two-year struggle to gain guardianship of her grandsons Michael and Jeremy. Months earlier, Angie had moved from North Carolina to New York when she learned that Michael and Jeremy were in foster care. Angie called the Coalition’s Foster and Kinship Care Specialist one day in tears. Each time she thought that bringing the children home was in sight, the foster care agency demanded another item, document, or training. Read more…

Helping Families be sucessful in NY by finding the help they need


Rosa wanted some advice about how she could adopt Monica, age eight, and Louisa, age six. Rosa was their foster parent. She had a good relationship with Diana, the girls’ mother, but Diana could not parent due to her mental health issues. The girls’ father had abandoned them several years ago. Read more…


About the 50 for 50 Campaign

Honoring our history, the Coalition’s board of directors has launched 50 for 50, a campaign to raise $50,000 by November to support the Coalition’s work on behalf of foster, adoptive and kinship families and children.  

We’re working with Youth INC to make this happen.  50 for 50 will be capped off with Youth INC’s Celebration on Thursday, November 9th.  Supporters are encouraged to join us at Celebration, but it is not required.

About the Event: Celebration! The 23rd Annual Celebration to Benefit New York Kids

Presented by Youth INC and Honoring 12 of New York City’s most promising youth-serving nonprofits including the Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition of New York 

Thursday, November 9th 2017 at 6:30 pm  at the Grand Hyatt in New York

 Youth INC uses venture philanthropy to empower NYC-based youth-serving nonprofits  like ADOPTIVE AND FOSTER FAMILY  COALITION to build and achieve long term sustainability.

Each year, our annual  “Celebration” service grant trains as many as 15 nonprofits to more effectively raise funds for the children they serve through Youth INC’s annual gala, Celebration to Benefit New York Kids.

 For more information, email celebration@youthinc-usa.org

*All stories are based on true events, names and personal details have been changed to protect identity.

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