Fulton County Adoption Agencies

Adoption Agencies in New York State

Community Maternity Services

Services Provided: Multi-Service private non profit agency serving 14 counties in Albany Roman Catholic Diocese.  Three adoption programs: Healthy Infant, International, and Special Needs/Waiting Kids.  Also has residential and foster care programs, Call intake services for information on adotion fees and process and becoming a foster parent. see

  • Contact Person:  Intake Services
  • Address:  27 N Main Ave, Albany, NY 12203 
  • Phone: 518-482-8836
  • Website: http://www.cccms.org/

Fulton County Department of Social Services

Services Provided: 30 Hour MAPP class run twice a year.  Informational meetings held occasionally.  Staff will make home visits to prospective families who call for information if upcoming meeting not scheduled.  No special requirements, families interested in adoption only welcome.


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