Adoption/Foster Care Therapist Network

The mission of the Adoption/Foster Care Therapist Network of New York (AFCTN) is to create a robust referral network of attachment, adoption, and foster care specialized clinicians; and further the training of mental health and related service professionals so that every foster care and adoptive family can receive the services that they need to support a successful adoption.

AFCTN offers members:

  • Access to an email-listserve to facilitate referrals to other clinicians with specialized training and experience.
  • Monthly meetings in the NYC area with clinical presentations and peer supervision focused on treating adoptive and foster families.
  • Online calendar of events, seminars, trainings and conferences that focus on attachment, complex trauma, and adoption and foster care.

Visit the AFCTN Website to learn more and become a member.  All AFCTN members and New York State mental health clinicians and providers who identify themselves as having experience, training, and specialization in working with foster, kinship, and adoptive families are welcome to include a free listing and description of services in the Therapeutic Services section of the AFFCNY online foster care and adoption services directory.

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