OCFS Symposium and Training for Adoptive and Foster Parents in DUTCHESS EVENT

Foster/Adoptive/Kinship Parent Symposium and Training; Hyde Park

Starts in 1 Month, 3 Days

October 26, 2019

The Culinary Institute of America

1946 Campus Dr, Hyde Park, NY 12538

(845) 452-9600

Organized By

Office of Children and Family Services ( OCFS)

The Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) in partnership with the Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition of New York is offering a full day training in Hyde Park for certified and approved foster and adoptive parents.

Training Workshop Topics Include:

  • Navigating Relationships with Birth Families
  • Educational Advocacy
  • Self-care for Foster/Adoptive Parents and Kin Caregivers
  • Supporting Adolescents Mental Health,
  • Starting or Funding a Parent Support Group

Plus Keynote: Stress and The Brain & Brain Architecture

This training will explore the impact trauma and toxic stress have on the structure and function of a child’s developing brain. Participants will also learn about the change in the production of hormones and sensitivity to neurotransmitters and hey will be provided with information and tools to help children heal from adverse histories.

Bryan Post

Bryan Post an adopted and former foster child, is one of America’s Foremost Child Behavior and Adoption Experts and founder of the Post Institute. A renowned clinician, lecturer, and best-selling author of From Fear to Love, The Great Behavior Breakdown and ten other books, and more than 100 video and audio programs, Bryan has traveled throughout the world providing expert treatment and consultation to a variety of groups. An internationally recognized specialist in the treatment of emotional and behavioral disturbance, Bryan specializes in a love-based treatment approach that focuses on developing a deeper understanding of trauma, stress and fear and how they rule our lives. He counters this by offering an enlightening perspective on the all-encompassing power of love to bring us peace and healing. The love-based, family-centered principles and concepts offered by Bryan have been taught to more than 200,000 parents and professionals around the world.

Register and Save the Date!

The registration deadline is October 12th. Registration is open on HSLC for Regions 4 and 5. We will have a fillable registration form available shortly for others.

Once the form is available, to register, please click on the link below to access the fallible PDF. Fill out the form as directed and SAVE a copy to your computer. Be sure to complete in full and email to ebutler@welfareresearch.org at Welfare Research, Inc.

Saturday, October 26 from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM at the Culinary Institute of America located at 1946 Campus Drive ( Route 9) in Hyde Park.