Creating Lifebooks

Children separated from their birth family, or who have experienced multiple placements in foster care, often don’t have ready access to information about their personal history making it more difficult for them to develop a strong and secure sense of  self-identity.  Adoptive and foster children are entitled to know and understand their own history. One technique for doing so is creating a Lifebook.  It provides a child with a chronology of his life and preserves his past by documenting and connecting important people and events in his life.


Online Resources:

Creative Help:

  • Local Adoptive Parent Support Groups
  • Personal assistance through independent venders (i.e. Creative Memories Consultants)
  • Craft Stores (i.e. Michaels, AC Moore)
  • Scrapbooking Clubs/Workshops at Libraries or your local adult education program

Source: Adapted from 2006 Coalition Conference workshop, “Lifebooks: Preserving Your Child’s Story”  presented by Diane DiGiorgio, SUNY Albany

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