Adoption Subsidy

The federal Title IV-E Adoption Assistance Program is intended to provide permanency for children with special needs in public foster care by requiring and assisting states in offering ongoing financial and medical assistance, also known as an adoption subsidy, to adoptive families.

Adoption subsidy programs vary significantly from state to state. Differences include the definition of special needs, eligibility requirements and basic monthly subsidy rates.

Below you will find information about subsidy in New York, as well as federal and national resources, including information about subsidy programs in all fifty states.

Recently, advocates and the media have raised concern about the adoption subsidy program. Concerns raised focus on the lack of oversight and accountability, particularly in situations where the adoptive parent has abandoned their child and/or where the parent is no longer financially responsible for the child. Media coverage and advocacy have focused on problems in New York City.  The Coalition has also learned of similar issues in Erie County and, in 2015, issued a statement about the issue. To read it, click here.

New York State Subsidy Information and Resources

Federal and National Information and Resources

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