Choosing an Adoption Attorney

Adoptive, prospective, and foster parents should research and select an attorney with the same care they would exercise in selecting an insurance agent or a contractor.  All lawyers are not equally informed about different areas of the law.  The lawyer who helped you with your home closing or taxes, may be a great guy, but he may have very little experience with, or knowledge of, adoption and child welfare law and regulation.

When you first meet with a prospective lawyer, remember you are interviewing him/her to determine if his/her experience meets your needs.  First and foremost ask questions such as “how much experience have you had in child welfare practice” or “can you provide references of other families you have served?”.  Most attorneys who practice in family court have played a variety of roles as birth family attorneys, law guardians, or as agency/county attorneys.  The lawyer who impressed you representing other positions in previous cases may be just the person you are looking for.  Last, but not least, ask other foster/adoptive parents in your community to recommend lawyers they found helpful.

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