Finding Post Adoption Services in New York

New York State currently does not, fund support or post adoption services for adoptive families based solely on their eligibility status as a New York State adoptive family. In the past the state has provided funding for substantial post adoption services for TANF income eligible families, but post adoption services funding was drastically reduced in the New York State 2014/15 budgets. The Coalition will continue to call for the state to enact legislation to create a permanent statewide post adoption services program as part of our advocacy efforts.

Post adoption support comes in many forms, and families are encouraged to use these supports as much as needed to keep their family healthy. A range of post adoption support services may include educational seminars, webinars, online chat groups, and direct therapeutic intervention with a mental health professional.Available services and resources reach far beyond those available from (or even known to) voluntary agencies and local social services districts.

The Coalition maintains an online directory of Foster Care and Post Adoption Support Services by New York County.

Parents can help themselves, and group leaders can help their members by becoming “Service Detectives” to uncover resources which might be sitting right in their own back yards.

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