Post Adoption Services RFP

On July 19, 2011 the NYS Office of Children and Family Services has published an RFP to support projects serving families at high risk of child abuse/maltreatment and/or foster care/out-of-home placements, residing in high need communities. Specifically, the RFP solicits proposals under the following program areas:

  • Child abuse and foster care prevention services
  • Adoption/Post Adoption services
  • Positive youth development


A minimum of $2.5 million in TANF funds is being set aside to support adoption and post adoption services for families under 200% of the poverty level.  Applicants may apply for up to $400,000 for programs designed to: stabilize adoption placements, prevent dissolutions/disruptions, and provide assistance to families so that children may be cared for in their own homes or homes of their relatives. The RFP is for one year funding with no expectation, at this time, for additional funding. Applicants should be prepared to provide services on 2/1/2012 or immediately upon approval of contract (if later than 2/1/2012).


Applicants may apply for funding for one-year only to:

  • continue and/or enhance an existing effective program;
  • re-establish a successful program that was discontinued or is at risk of discontinuation due to lack of funding;
  • start a new program where there is sufficient justification for on-going support and the ability to start up the program immediately


Priorities for the post adoption services category include Regional Centers, Adoption/Post Adoption Permanency Centers, and core Adoption/ Post Adoption programs.  OCFS is promoting the concept of Regional Post Adoption/Adoption Centers which provide core services (defined below) to a broad geographic area.

  • In New York City, Centers must serve two or more boroughs
  • In the rest of the state, Centers must serve  two or more counties


Applicants must offer all the following core services directly or through a contractual arrangement. See part 4 of RFP for details

  • Parent education and training
  • Supportive services for parents and for children (ie support groups and group acitivities
  • Information and referral services
  • Clinical mental health services and family counseling (either direct service provision or referral to community based providers)
  • Advocacy services


Important Dates: Optional letters of intent were due Thursday, August 4th and full applications are due Wednesday, August 31, 2011. Anticipated contract award date is 10/17/2011 for programs to start 2/1/2012.


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