The Effect of Substance Abuse on Children

“There is substantial evidence that alcohol and tobacco cause harm, and potentially more severe harm, to more children than do illegal drugs (Andres & Day, 2000; Britt, Ingersol, & Schnoll, 1999; Lambers & Clark, 1996; Levin & Slotkin, 1998; Slotkin, 1998). There is also substantial evidence that mothers who use substances during pregnancy often use more than one substance (e.g., alcohol, tobacco, and an illegal drug) (SAMHSA, 2007; Arria et al., 2006). This factor makes it difficult to distinguish the effects of a particular substance from the effects of a second substance or the combination of substances”.

Excerpted from Substance-Exposed Infants:  State Responses to the Problem HHS Publication No. (SMA) 09‐4369

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