Tips for Parenting the Sexually Abused Child

As a foster/adoptive parent, you may have some valid concerns about sexual abuse. You may wonder what the special needs are of children who have been sexually abused and whether you will be able to meet those needs. By acquiring more knowledge, you will feel more confident in taking on the challenges and rewards of fostering or adopting a child with special needs.

Many parents who have already adopted sexually abused children feel that their greatest obstacle was lack of information about sexual abuse in general; about their particular child’s history; and about helpful resources such as support groups, skilled therapists and sensitive reading materials. The following comprehensive article from the AFFCNY 2011 Conference Workshop, Understanding Child Sexual Abuse by Ron Robinson, will provide you with some basic information about child sexual abuse as well as some special considerations for parents who adopt these children.

 Tips for Parenting the Child Who has Been Sexually Abused (pdf)

Additional information and handouts from Mr. Robinson’s presentation can be found on the 2011 Workshop Handouts page.  An audio recording of the workshop can be purchased from Egami A/V.

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