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Open birth records and adoption

Coalition Opinion Piece in the Daily News

ew York’s Daily News “Voice of the People” published an op-ed piece authored by Pat O’Brien and Sarah Gerstenzang, our interim executive director and board president.

Express Yourself! Ithaca!

Register your adopted youth now for Saturday, September 14th from 12 to 3 PM at the Beverly J Martin Elementary School located at 302 West Buffalo Street in Ithaca.

Reframing parenting training for adoptive parents

Reframing Parenting

A structured support group training designed for parents raising children with adverse childhood experiences or difficult past histories.

Governor Cuomo: VETO S4203A | A2199A!

We implore New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo to VETO S4203A / A2199A the supposed “Preserving Family Bonds Act”. Mediation and support preserves family bonds. A court order does not! This bill, if signed into law, will unfairly subject adoptive families to years of ongoing legal expense and undeserved intervention

Reframing Parenting Training; Dutchess

Register for Mondays: 9/16, 9/23, 9/30, 10/7, 10/14, 10/21 and 1/13/20 from 6 to 9 PM at Dutchess Community College; Hollowbrook Park Building #4, Room #203 located at 31 Marshall Road in Wappingers Falls

Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Standard of the federal Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act

Reasonable and Prudent Parenting

The training will walk foster parents through the Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Standard and discussing what caregivers need to know when making decisions.

The Adoptive Families of the Capital Region, Inc. (AFCR)

Adoptive Families of the Capital Region (AFCR)

AFCR hosts a variety of adoption education programs and social events in New York’s Capital Region including a monthly Adopted Teens Discussion Group. Serving Families in Albany, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Saratoga counties as well as the counties of Greene, Columbia, Dutchess, Montgomery, Warren
and Washington counties.

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Trauma Informed Parenting

This workshop will focus on why raising children not born to us requires different parenting strategies than the children born to us

Kinship Care, Law and Regulation

Options for Relative Caregivers

This workshop provides an overview of all of the options available to kinship including differences in guardianship versus custody, Kinship Guardianship and the child-only or non-parent TANF grant,

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SHARED PARENTING: Models for Collaboration

Shared Parenting: Models for Collaboration

This workshop offers a discussion about the realities of shared parenting, offering tips and examples about how foster parents, birth parents and casework staff can work together.

books of interest to foster, adoptive and kinship families

Buy our Recommended Books

Buy any of the recommended books for foster, adoptive and kinship families on our website via Amazon and a portion of your purchase supports the Coalition.
Check out our growing virtual library.

RESILIENCY: What Is It and How to Build It

Resiliency: What Is It and How to Build It

In this workshop, we’ll talk about what resiliency is and how we, as adults who care about children, can nurture and building resiliency in the children we care about.

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Parenting to Heal the Traumatized Brain

This workshop will provide parents and professionals supporting families with evidence-based parenting tools to help children heal from adverse histories.

COALITION 101: All About Us

Coalition 101: All About Us

In this workshop, we introduce our audience to the Coalition, discuss who we are and walk through the services and support we provide.

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Pat O’Brien

Interim Executive Director
631-598-1983 X1014


New York State has a decision to make: Will the state fight the foster families who provide homes and care for the children in the state’s custody? Will the state accept that foster families are entitled to reimbursement for providing basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter for the children in the state’s care?

Amy Drayer

Director of Foster, Kinship and Parent Group Services
646-688-4321 X1009

Ellen Earley

Family Support Specialist
607-272-0034 X1027

Sarah Gotowka

Family Support Specialist
607-272-0034 X1018

Ana Gundlach

Administrative Coordinator
607-272-0034 X1026


Join the Forget-Me-Not Blue Hat Campaign!

A Forget-Me-Not Hat is a handmade blue hat created to remember children in foster care and those who have been adopted. Launching in time for National Adoption Awareness Month in November 2018 and continuing through the end of National Foster Care Month in May 2019, our goal is to raise awareness about the needs of foster and adoptive youth and families. The hats will be distributed to children and families at the beginning of the 2019 fall season.

Regional Permanency Resource Center

Statewide Post Adoption Support: A Vision Realized

Beginning in April 2019, the Coalition’s Adoptive and Guardianship Assistance Program for Everyone (AGAPE) will grow to serve four more counties – Madison, Cortland, Cayuga and Chenango.  In total, we will provide post adoption services through OCFS’s Regional Permanency Resource Centers.

Renee Hettich AFFCNY

Renee Hettich

AGAPE Central New York Director
607-272-0034 X1015

November is National Adoption Awareness Month; #Just Listen

As the month progresses and we all have the opportunity to engage others in conversations about adoption, foster and kinship care, let’s make the effort to really listen to and elevate the voices of those most affected. We need to look to the input of adult adoptees; to recognize their journey, celebrate their experiences, and value their voice.

foster apretns speak casting call

Casting for Foster Care Documentary Training Film; Ithaca

We’ll be coming to the Ithaca area soon and are looking to continue doing short interviews with foster parents interested in speaking about their experiences. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the form.

Federal Bill H.R. 2731/S.1554: The Adoptee Citizenship Act

The bipartisan bill would close a loophole in the Child Citizenship Act of 2000 (CCA), which has prevented internationally-adopted children, who are now adults, from receiving U.S. citizenship despite being raised by American parents.

Trudy Kent

Family Support Specialist

Richard Lefebvre

Administrative Coordinator
631-598-1983 X1012

On Wednesday July 11, 2018, a House Committee added an amendment to the House Appropriations Bill that funds the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education for FY2019. This "Aderholt amendment" mirrors the language in the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act

The Coalition Opposing the Aderholt Amendment

The “Aderholt Amendment” would allow foster care and adoption service providers across the country to discriminate against both children and potential parents based on sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, and marital status.

Andrea Marinelli

Family Support Specialist
631-598-1983 X2021

Coalition’s Summer Book Read 2019

Please join us for the Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition of New York’s “Summer Book Read”! This year, we will be reading Beneath the Mask: Understanding Adopted Teens together.

29th Annual New York State Foster Care and Adoption Conference

2018: Nurture and Heal

Nurture and Heal: Overcoming the Circle of Trauma and Taking Care of Ourselves, focused on exploring innovative therapies and methods to assist in accepting, expressing and healing trauma plus what parents in the trenches and those in the field can do to ensure that they get the support and self-care that they need and deserve.

Susan Rausch AFFCNY

Susan Rausch

Family Support Supervisor
607-272-0034 X1017

Kylie Regan

Family Support Specialist
845-679-9900 X1008

Danielle Skelly

Family Support Specialist
631-598-1983 X1020

Alyssa Tullin AFFCNY

Alyssa Tullin

Financial and Administrative Coordinator
646-688-4321  X1024

Sharon Williams AFFCNY

Sharon Williams

AGAPE Hudson Valley Director
845-679-9900 X1013

New York State Bill A8313/S6518: “Subsidy Revocation”

Authorizes the social services department to terminate the subsidies that may be provided to a parent who adopts a disabled or hard to place child under certain circumstances, most specifically, determined to be “lack of support”.