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Governor Cuomo: VETO S4203A | A2199A!

We implore New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo to VETO S4203A / A2199A the supposed “Preserving Family Bonds Act”. Mediation and support preserves family bonds. A court order does not! This bill, if signed into law, will unfairly subject adoptive families to years of ongoing legal expense and undeserved intervention

Regional Permanency Resource Center

Statewide Post Adoption Support: A Vision Realized

Beginning in April 2019, the Coalition’s Adoptive and Guardianship Assistance Program for Everyone (AGAPE) will grow to serve four more counties – Madison, Cortland, Cayuga and Chenango.  In total, we will provide post adoption services through OCFS’s Regional Permanency Resource Centers.

November is National Adoption Awareness Month; #Just Listen

As the month progresses and we all have the opportunity to engage others in conversations about adoption, foster and kinship care, let’s make the effort to really listen to and elevate the voices of those most affected. We need to look to the input of adult adoptees; to recognize their journey, celebrate their experiences, and value their voice.

foster apretns speak casting call

Casting for Foster Care Documentary Training Film; Ithaca

We’ll be coming to the Ithaca area soon and are looking to continue doing short interviews with foster parents interested in speaking about their experiences. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the form.

On Wednesday July 11, 2018, a House Committee added an amendment to the House Appropriations Bill that funds the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education for FY2019. This "Aderholt amendment" mirrors the language in the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act

The Coalition Opposing the Aderholt Amendment

The “Aderholt Amendment” would allow foster care and adoption service providers across the country to discriminate against both children and potential parents based on sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, and marital status.

Veto A5036B

Your Help is Needed

500 Postcards to the Governor A5036B, the “bad” adoptee rights bill, was passed by the state Assembly and Senate in June, but has still not been sent to Governor Cuomo for […]

Families Deserve to be Strong

Our Building Strong Families initiative serves to incorporate practical resources and advocacy tools via our web platform including advocacy efforts that will occur in New York.

foster care cruelty what would you do

Perpetuating Foster Parent Stereotypes

As people who care about children in care, as allies and as foster parents ourselves, we have to speak up each time one of these stereotypes about us gets thrown about.