Preparing for College


CUNY Start-ASAP Foster Care Initiative

Through a grant from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, youth in foster care who are part of the CUNY Start-ASAP Initiative are eligible for enhanced services and financial support including CUNY application fee waiver, tuition assistance, and other financial supports.

College Scholarships for Adoptees

More College Scholarships for Adoptees

Many of these scholarships cover tuition cost, living expenses, care packages, and online mentorship. These scholarships are available to first-time college students and adoptees that are currently enrolled in college. Please read the guidelines to each scholarship for details.

National Voice of Foster Parents Youth Scholarship

National Voice of Foster Parents ( NFPA) Youth Scholarship

The National Foster Parent Association offers scholarships to NFPA members whose birth, foster and US adopted youth wish to further their education beyond high school, including college or university studies, vocational/technical school or junior college.

Horatio Alger NY Scholarship Program

Horatio Alger Scholarship Programs

As one of the nation’s largest need-based college scholarship programs in the country, the Horatio Alger Scholarship Programs specifically assist high school students who have faced and overcome great obstacles in their young lives.


Resources, Programs and Awareness for College Students in Need

Unaccompanied homeless youth (UHY), individuals who do not have “fixed, regular and adequate” housing and who are “not in the physical custody of a parent or adult.” have aspirations to attend college, yet lack the support and awareness of resources needed to move their dreams into reality.

College Scholarships For Minority Students

College Scholarships for Minority Students

Helping minority students look for and land scholarships through resources and expert advice and discussing, in detail, minority scholarships, grants and other financial aid available to African-American, Hispanic, Asian American, Native American, LGBT and female students.

NYC college assistance

New York City College Line

NYC College Line will help you stay organized from exploration to graduation. The site was created by Graduate NYC!, CUNY, NYC DOE, and Goddard Riverside.

Scholarships Available For Black Students

Scholarships Available For Black Students

This web site was designed to help African American students find the latest scholarships and grants that are being given away by non-profit organizations, government agencies and major corporations.

foster care to success scholarships

Foster Care to Success Scholarships

All Foster Care to Success scholarships share one application; we will determine the program(s) for which you are eligible based on the information you provide.

scholarship coach

The Scholarship Coach

The Scholarship Coach is a blog run by Scholarship America on U.S. News and World Report’s website for the purpose of educating students and parents about
scholarships; addressing common scholarship questions, as well as featuring special scholarships and dispensing valuable advice students should use to make their applications stand out.

Fostering A Future Scholarship

Fostering A Future: Scholarships for Children Adopted from Foster Care

The Fostering A Future Scholarship, sponsored by Children’s Action Network and The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, is a national scholarship program designed to provide youth who were adopted from foster care at or after the age of 13 with financial assistance in pursuing a college, vocational, or technical education.

A Parents Guide to College

A Parent’s Guide to College

The guide addresses all aspects of college preparation from making the most of high school to  financing your child’s education. Make use of this guide to examine your student’s educational options.

preparing young adult adoptees to leave home

Young Adults Leaving Home

One of the chief emotional issues adoptees face throughout their lives is learning how to cope effectively with the feelings that are associated with separation and loss. Leaving home is the ultimate separation, and not only has its own complicated challenges, but can trigger all of the feelings the adoptee may have about their own separation from the birth family and subsequent separations from foster families.

Youth Success NYC – A Resource for Youth in Care and After Care

In the foster care system in New York, everyone ages out at 21, whether he or she likes it or not. No more nursing from the system, no more free room and board, and no more depending on others to make your life easier! It’s time to spread your wings and leave the nest. Time to go out and earn yourself a decent living.”

African-American Grants

OEDb; African-American Grants

African American students may be eligible for federal, state, and privately funded education through need and merit based grants for post-secondary education, including those specific to women, men, or for students pursuing a specific field of study, such as engineering or science.