Dutchess County

Online Directory of Foster Care and Adoption Agencies and Services in New York State

Foster Care and Adoption Agencies and Support Services Directory

Online directory listing of adoption and foster care agencies and services practicing in Dutchess County, New York.

Find agency listings, post adoption support, parent support groups and therapeutic services for foster and adoptive families.

For additional New York State services by county, please see our New York State Services Directory.

Adoption Agencies in Dutchess County

Adoption Agencies offering domestic infant, open adoptions, waiting child and international adoption programs in Dutchess County, licensed in New York State. Check adoption agency listings for services, home studies, available programs.

Foster Care Agencies in Dutchess County

New York State Foster Care Agencies in Dutchess County; become a foster family, adopt an older child, access kinship care foster programs. Orientations, training and support throughout Dutchess County in New York State.

Foster Care and Adoption Support Services in Dutchess County

Foster Care and Adoption Support Services available throughout Dutchess , New York including post adoption support services, after adoption resources, trainings, education, social connections and events.

Parent Support Groups for Foster and Adoptive Parents in Dutchess County

Community support and parenting help though foster and adoptive parent support groups throughout Dutchess County, New York; directory listings of family support group meetings.

Therapists & Counselors for Adoptive Families in Dutchess County

Find family counseling and therapy services in Dutchess County, New York; therapeutic services, adoption counselors and psychologists, post adoption support.

Families in Dutchess County who have adopted through foster care or private adoption, whether domestically or internationally, or who are caring for a child through G docket guardianship are eligible for free services through AGAPE Hudson Valley. Click here to find out how AGAPE can help your family.

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