Children’s Law Center Helpline

A recent symposium offered by the Children’s Law Center (CLC) in partnership with the New York Law School focused on Broken Adoptions — situations in which youth adopted out of the foster care system are no longer living at home because their adoptive parent has died, kicked them out or returned them to the system. Following this up, the CLC has created a Broken Adoption Helpline and has put out the following calls:

Are you no longer living with your adoptive parent?  You may be in a situation where your adoptive parent has put you out of their home, you have been placed into foster care after an adoption, or you are being taken care of by someone other than your adoptive parent.

Does your adoptive parent still receive your adoption subsidy? At times, the adoptive parent continues to receive the subsidy meant for your care until your 21st birthday, even though you are no longer in the home or provided any support.

We want to hear from you if you have experienced any of these problems. Please call the Broken Adoption Helpline 718-544-3499, extension 308.

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