Meet the Experts

Michelle Johnson, MSW

Michelle is an African American adoptee raised by white parents. The topic of her master’s thesis at the University of Minnesota was transracial adoption. During her doctoral studies at Syracuse University, she worked for a private agency as an adoption specialist. Michelle is currently the Judicial Volunteer Coordinator for the State of Minnesota’s 4th Judicial District Guardian Ad Litem Program. She is also a contractor with the North American Council on Adoptable Children’s (NACAC) Harambee Village. She was formerly the Recruitment Project Manager and co-trainer of the Transracial Parenting Project curriculum at NACAC.  She also worked at Another Choice for Black Children, an adoption agency in Raleigh, NC, and was the supervisor of Adoption and Foster Care Licensing and LINKS at Chatham County Social Services in North Carolina.


John Raible, EdD

John is a biracial African American adoptee raised by white parents. As an educational researcher, he studies race, identity, and family diversity with a special focus on the development of what he calls transracialized white identities. He is the father of two grown African American sons adopted from foster care, and the grandfather of biracial children. Dr. Raible works as an Assistant Professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the College of Education & Human Sciences.  Visit his blog at:

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