Self Esteem in Children of Color:

Developmental, Adoption and Racial Issues

Jan McFarlane

A three part series that uses narratives to explore five areas of self-esteem at different developmental stages and offers ideas about how to address adoption and racial issues adoptive families face. (something better)

Part One: Young Children

With high self-esteem, children have the courage to take on the world, whatever it may bring.

Part Two: Older Children and Teenagers

Self-esteem issues become more complex as children reach the middle childhood and teenage years.

Part Three: Racial Identity and Racism

Children need a strong sense of their racial identity to protect themselves against racism’s harsh effects.

Tips for Helping Children Deal with Racism

Encourage your children to use these tips when confronted with racism.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Adopt Transracially

20 questions to ask before adopting transracially

Reprinted with permission from Adoptive Families magazine (formerly OURS), January/February 1992, a publication of Adoptive Families of America.

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