Position Statement on Board Rates

The New York State Citizens’ Coalition for Children advocates that the New York State Office of Children and Families Services (OCFS) establish consistent statewide minimum board rates for all social services districts, commensurate with actual costs. Currently OCFS sets only state maximum rates, resulting in great disparity between districts and exploitation of foster parents. Actual costs of care far exceed current board rates, and foster parents alone are forced to subsidize the cost of caring for foster children, who are the collective responsibility of the whole community.

For more information on establishing foster care reimbursement rate based on the real expenses of raising a child in foster care see the Children’s Rights “Hitting the M.A.R.C.” Policy Project that includes the first-ever nationwide, state-by-state calculation of the real cost of supporting children in foster care and reveals widespread deficiencies in reimbursement rates across the nation and major disparities among the states.

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