Dutchess Cty, NY Bill of Rights

Foster Parents have the right to:

1. Be treated with consideration and respect for personal dignity and privacy.

2. Be included as a valued member of the service team.

3. Receive support services, which assist in the care of the child in their home including an open and timely response from agency personnel.

4. Be informed of all information regarding the child that will impact their home or family life during the care of the foster child.

5. Have input into the permanency plan for the child in their home.

6. Reasonable assurance that the Department of Social Services employees will be sensitive to and mindful of the well being and safety of the foster parents and their families in making placements.

7. Assistance by the appropriate county services in dealing with family loss and separation when a child leaves their home.

8. Be informed of all agency policies and procedures that are related to their roles as a foster caregiver.

9. Receive training that will enhance their skills and ability to cope as foster caregivers.

10. Be informed of how to receive services and reach personnel on a 24-hour day seven days a week basis.

11. Be granted a reasonable plan for relief from the role of foster caregiver.

12. Confidentiality regarding issues that arise in their foster family home to the maximum extent permissible under New York State Law.

13. Not be discriminated against on the basis of religion, race, color, creed, sex, national origins, age, or physical handicap.

14. Receive evaluation and feedback on their role of foster caregiver.

Approved by the Dutchess County Legislature on May 13, 2002

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