Lisa Gallina Alvarez

Coalition Team Members, Staff

Deputy Director | 646-688-4321 X1023

Lisa is dedicated to working to improve the quality of life for families and children. She has over twenty years of working with families in crisis.
Most recently she has advocated for veterans and their families in the Hudson Valley Region. She has received Trauma Informed Care training and has been a trainer for their curricula as it relates to Women Veterans. In addition has over 100 hours of PTSD and TBI in-service training. Her work with youth has helped connect them with educational resources and mentors.She has over 20 years of curriculum design and delivery for the adult and adolescent student. Lisa has taught for Bronx Community College, Marist and Mount Saint Mary College. She has presented nationally on trends in higher education focusing on access and adult student services.

Lisa has a Bachelors in Communications from Marist College and a Masters in Environmental Administration from Antioch University. A resident of Beacon NY for 20 years. She has been integral in working to advocate for the protection of diverse communities. Lisa resides with her husband, daughter and two dogs. She has two step children that reside in Queens.

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