Mandy Caughey

Coalition Team Members

AGAPE Southern Tier-Finger Lakes Family Support Specialist | 607-272-0034  X1016

Mandy was adopted from Seoul, Korea at 5 months old and grew up in Ithaca, NY.  She was painfully shy as a child, yet somehow ended up with a BA in Drama/Dance from Bard College.  She still hasn’t figured that one out.

In 2001, she landed in NYC and continued to explore her passion for movement, through studying and performing with a wide variety of companies.  Although her main artistic discipline is dance, she is also a writer, video artist, painter, and fledgling singer and musician.She is endlessly fascinated by how the arts can be used as a tool for healing, and advocacy.  Not only can art help to empower the individual, it can also be used to empower organizations and the work they do.

Mandy has had the honor of performing in Ivy Q (LGBTQ conference held at various Ivy League schools), Queer Butoh (LGBTQ annual showcase of Queer Butoh artists), We Step into the Light (showcase which features the work of artists who have been paired with survivors of sexual assault), Dancing for Life (fundraiser for the Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services), and “One out of Seven” (a play based on people’s experiences with mental health issues, followed by a panel discussion).

Since joining the AFFCNY team in 2018, she has been in a near constant state of excitement when thinking about the potential of how movement and sound can be used to support the goals of integration, connection, and peace within the family and the individual. 

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