Manhattan Support Services

Adoption & Foster Care Support Services in New York State

Adoptive Families of Older Children, Inc.

Services Provided: A peer adoptive family support founded in 1992. Regularly scheduled peer counseling meetings to share resources and experiences, social and training events, children’s activities, and information and referral via phone and e-mail. Most members adopted children from the foster care system who can into their lives in middle childhood. Many are single parent, transracial families. Serves the NYC/New Jersey Metropolitan area.

Adoptive Families with Children of African Heritage

Services Provided: Adoptive Families with Children of African Heritage and Their Friends in New York is a support group (2011) for NYC adoptive families with predominantly white parents and children adopted from the African American community, Africa, and the African diaspora outside the US. Main consideration is that for the full development of the identity of our children, family life is not enough and our children have to become part of the black community as well. We seek the help of friends, black friends (adopted or not), and black organizations. We are organizing regular educational meetings for parents and children and social gatherings with a focus on black culture. Contact us to participate and to volunteer.

  • Contact Person: Frank Ligtvoet
  • Address:176 State Street, Brooklyn , NY 11201
  • Phone: 917-624-2894
  • Email:

Adoptive Parents Committee – NYC

Services Provided: Local chapter of large group serving NYC, LI, Hudson Region, and NJ. Monthly meetings feature guest speakers, panels and discussion groups. Pre and post adoption workshops available to members. Each chapter has a bookstore which carries an array of books and other materials covering topics on adoption and parenting. Family events including a picnic and holiday party are held throughout the year. Event schedule and meeting directions on website.

All Together Now Peer Support Groups for Adoptive Families

Services Provided: All Together Now (ATN) is a support organization for adoptive families. ATN offers fun, multiracial, and age-appropriate playgroups facilitated by adult and teen adoptees for adopted kids from a wide spectrum of backgrounds. A committee of adult adoptees, adoptive parents, and teen adoptees organize and put together the playgroups. ATN also provides a space for adoptive parents to gather, connect, and share resources. See website for meeting/event calendar, registration details, and meeting location.

  • Address: 176 State Street, Brooklyn , NY 11201
  • Phone: 718-624-2894
  • Email:
  • Website:

Boys Town New York

Services Provided: Common Sense Parenting (CSP) is a practical, skill-based training program that provides easy-to-learn techniques to build on existing skills or learn new ways of dealing with children’s behavior. Taught by professional parent trainers, each course runs for 6 consecutive weeks, from 6-8 PM with dinner provided. Trainings are held in the Boys Town Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan offices depending on enrollment. CSP trainers are also available to provide the program to outside existing groups as long as there are 8-10 interested parents. There is no charge for this program.Complete an online contact form and a Common Sense Parenting expert will contact you to discuss classes available in your area, the upcoming schedule and locations, and other class details.

Circle of Youth Support Group

Services Provided: This monthly support group is open to LGBTQ young people ages 15 to 21 in the foster care system. The group’s mission is provide a comfortable environment in which foster, adoptive and kinship adolescents and young adults can come together to learn their rights, express their feelings, set a positive example, and help each other achieve their goals. Meetings are held from 6- 9 PM on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from September through June. FREE

Door LEAP ( Learn and Earn to Achieve Potential)

Services Provided: Targets young adults, ages 16 to 24 with experiences in foster care, the juvenile justice program or homelessness, to help participants to succeed academically and personally. Included in services are connections to Foster Care or Juvenile Justice Coordinator to assist in a smooth transition to adulthood, Connection with a Career Advancement Coach to connect then with education and work readiness opportunities for stability and stipends for new post secondary and first year of college opportunities.


Services Provided: The United Federation of Teachers, the union representing New York City’s public school teachers, created Dial-provides free telephone support and assistance with homework problems for students and parents. The service is free (the only cost is that of a local telephone call from anywhere within the five boroughs) and available Monday through Thursday from 4pm to 7pm. The staff of 50 experienced teacher don’t just give answers, They re-teach the concept so that by the time the
conversation is over a child or parent/guardian will fully understand and then continue the assignment on his or her own. See other helpful resources for navigating the NYC school system on the UFT website.

Families for Russian and Ukranian Adoption (FRUA) Northeast

Services Provided: Contact infromation for Northeast Region Chapter of Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption. FRUA focuses on international adoption support resources for families completed through adoption in Eastern European and Central Asian countries. FRUA offers families hope, help and community by providing connection, education, resources, and advocacy, and works to improve the lives of orphaned children. Contact Nella for information on local events in NYC and Long Island area.

  • Contact Person: Nella Yelenovic
  • Address: PO Box 834, Port Ewen, NY 12466
  • Email:,
  • Website:

Families With Children from China of Greater NY

Services Provided: FCC is a non-profit organization supporting families who have adopted daughters and sons from China. Our members include adoptive parents, adoptees and their siblings and other relatives, as well as friends and professionals with connections to adoption. Your annual membership gives you members-only access to resources and information about a multitude of adoption, parenthood and China topics. As a member you will receive regular e-mail updates announcing the latest events, articles and news of interest to our families.To join, first select a membership level and then fill out the form asking for basic information for you and if applicable, your partner. Please pay online using our secure payment processor. After your payment is processed, you will be prompted to add your children, if applicable.

Family STAR

Services Provided: A program initiative of Adoption STAR providing a full service post adoption support program including clinical counseling, support groups, nationwide post adoption contact correspondence services, and search and reunion services. Associated with Tapestry Books, a premiere online source for adoption books and resources. See website for more online resources and articles, info about services and upcoming events. Albany 518-391-2515; NYC 917-470-9340; Syracuse 315-703-7511; Binghamton 607-330-2158; Rochester 585-672-5227; Poughkeepsie 845-457-4883

Foster Parent Advocacy Foundation, Inc.

Services Provided: We advocate,educate,and empower foster parents and youths in the foster care system. We provide advocates for foster parents and youths to help them obtain the services that they need. Foster parents can call the hotline number to set up an intake appointment. We service the 5 boroughs.

Infertility and Adoption Counseling Center

Services Provided: The IAC Center offers a variety of professionally led support groups focusing on varied phases of the infertility and adoption life cycles. These groups are formed on a regular basis and typically convene one time per month. Clients attending these groups tend to bond, finding comfort with other like-minded individuals facing similar issues. The IAC Center has coordinated, Support Groups for: Pre-Adoptive Parents, Adoptive Parents, Adopted Children and Teens, Infertility, and Professional Support. To learn more or to join any of our groups, please contact or visit our webpage.

International Pediatric Health Services, PLLC

Services Provided: Pediatrician with 30 years experience as Adoption medicine specialist with specialty training in infectious diseases. Reviews pre-adoption referrals for international and domestic adoptions and helps families choose adoption options and helps parents find post adoption resources (ie. learning specialists, therapists, and specialists for medical conditions). Jane runs a foundation, WorldIwide Orphans, which has programs for orphans in 5 countries and has 17 years personal experience and expertise in medical and psycho-social issues for institutionalized children from in 14 countries. Email for more information.

Latin American Parents Association (LAPA)

Services Provided: All-volunteer organization of families who have adopted or who are in the process of adopting children from Latin America. Assists those seeking to adopt children from Latin America, support before, during and after adoption. Meetings and social events, newsletter (“Que Tal?”) published 3 times a year. Annual Family Getaway weekend.

  • Contact Person: Andrea Quatrale, President
  • Address: PO Box 339-340, Brooklyn, NY 11234
  • Phone: 718-236-8689
  • Email:
  • Website:

LSA Family Health Service

Services Provided: Serves families in East Harlem. Programs have expanded in response to community needs. They now include the Advocacy and Food Pantry, the Family Support (ACS Preventive Services) Program, the Early Childhood Program, Education and Youth Services and the Sharing Place thrift store.The needs can be as basic as food or as complex as negotiating with a landlord to avoid eviction. We help clients apply for Food Stamps, resolve problems with health insurance, accompany a client to Fair Hearings or Housing Court, and make referrals to other LSA services if that is what they need. See online contact form to schedule a meeting with an LSA advocate.

Metro New York DDSO – OPWDD

Services Provided: Family Support Services Coordinators are available at each of OPWDD’s regional Developmental Disabilities Services Offices (DDSOs) to help families access Family Support Services. Family Support Services can help in times of crisis when a family member or loved one becomes ill, or when things get difficult at home for other reasons. Find out more information about these services and supports by calling your local Family Support Services Coordinator. Support services may include: information and referral, family and individual counseling, recreation, after-school programs, support groups, transportation and specialized equipment and home modifications. Other contact is Janet Davis 212-229-3112

NAC Post Legal Adoption Network (PLAN)

Services Provided: New Alternatives for Children, Post Legal Adoption Network (PLAN) trains, assists and strengthens the capacity of families who have adopted one or more children with special medical needs. Through parent support and education groups, case management services, referral and advocacy, crisis intervention and counseling, PLAN helps to support and improve the well-being and functioning of adoptive families. Children receive services that help them cope with the dual issues of disabilities and adoption, including family, group and individual counseling and medical and mental health services. Adoptive parents of children with special medical needs are eligible to join PLAN regardless of where their adoption took place.

NT Sports Connection Special Needs Options

Services Provided: Online Directory of organizations that offer sports program for children with special needs in New York City

NY Council on Adoptable Children (COAC)

Services Provided: COAC’s NYC Family Permanency Center serves post-adoptive families, families in the process of adopting children from the New York City foster care system, and all kinship care-giving families. All services are available in English and in Spanish to eligible families living in the five boroughs of New York City, and include :crisis intervention and information through COAC’s telephone Warm Line; individual and family counseling; referrals for mental health services linkage and coordination with other needed services; support groups and educational workshops for parents and caregivers and for youth; recreational and cultural activities for families and youth; and referrals for youth to mentoring, tutoring and employment programs. See website for details.

Our Star Family, Inc.

Services Provided: Our Star Family, Inc. Offers free services to foster families in NYC.
We currently offer:  Virtual tutoring , Group / Private Therapy , College and G.E.D. Registration and Assistance , Career Building/ Job Prep/ Career Workshops, Clothing, Food, Job Placement, Baby Nurse Referrals, English Beginner’s Class, Family Therapy Sessions /Couple’s Therapy Sessions, Housing Assistance, Entrepreneur Development & Assistance, Community Therapeutic Events Parents Workshop /Children Workshop, Teen Career Start To Finish Program/ street awareness/

Most of our services are virtual, you would never have to travel long distances or find a sitter, in order to participate.

Coming soon: Teen After School Programs/ Scouts, Driving Lessons , Foster Homes/ Housing Placement for Foster Children and Families, Legal Advice, Career Trade Certifications, Day Care For Foster Children and Foster Families

PUSH – Parents United Support and Help

Services Provided: Parent led foster parent support and advocacy group forming serving all five NYC boroughs. Group membership includes experienced foster and parent group leaders from a wide variety of NYC agencies. Contact Jill for information about joining and upcoming meetings and events.

  • Contact Person: Jill Mullings
  • Address: 105-67 Flatlands 8th St, Brooklyn, NY 11236
  • Phone: 718-408-0932
  • Email:

Rennicke & Associates Monthly Adoptive Parent Group

Services Provided: Monthly, therapist facilitated, parenting group providing a space for adoptive parents to get practical information, feel validated and create community with other parents who “get it”. Come join other parents who “GET IT” and receive practical skills and support that aim to increase your confidence and put some fun back into family life! This group is open to all adoptive parents, regardless of if you are a current R&A client or not. $75.00 cost per session.

SHARE Family Support

Services Provided: Share Family Supports provides monthly foster and adoptive support group meetings: respite child care while parents attend our meetings; advocacy, resources and information to help families; and youth group activities as part of our respite services.

  • Contact Person: Antoinette Sumter-Cotman
  • Address: 119-29 130th St, Ozone Park, NY 11420
  • Phone: 917-387-0195
  • Email:

STEPS To End Family Violence

Services Provided: STEPS to End Violence (STEPS) is a holistic program of services for victims of gender-based violence with a focus on prevention, intervention, and policy advocacy. STEPS launched Grow Rise Lead (GRL) which is a program that provides free individual counseling and psycho-educational groups to people who identify as girls, femme, womyn, and transgender women between the ages of 13-24.   GRL has a specific emphasis on providing psycho-educational groups and individual counseling to girls who are aging out of the foster care system. All free services are offered in both East Harlem and Downtown Brooklyn.
There are opportunities to gain therapeutic social support, connect with peers, and gain additional resources.  Groups will cover coping skills, healthy relationships, financial literacy, college readiness, intimate partner violence and life skills.

  • Benefits
  • Stipends will be provided for group attendance
  • Connection to representatives of the CUNY Foster Care Initiative, specifically Youth Matter, a program of SEEK and College Discovery
  • Free Metro cards
  • Meals provided at groups
  • Additional prizes as available
  • Field trips
  • Access to a digital library of resources tailored to the participants’ needs

Spence-Chapin Modern Family Center

Services Provided: Spence-Chapin provides services for parents of teens, tweens, adopted children and children with special needs; adult, teen, tween, and child adoptees; families formed through ART, surrogacy, adoption, and families brought together through remarriage. Offers consultations, counseling, support groups, referrals, programs for kids and teens, parent workshops and trainings for professionals. In addition, social workers can prepare profiles for birth parents and background narratives for adoptees. Spence-Chapin is committed to being available to you at all points in your adoption journey.

Stanley M. Issacs Neighborhood Center

Services Provided: Youth Employment and Education program designed for out of school youth ages 17 to 24. YEP training encompasses intensive workshops, including computer and clerical work instruction, with two years of follow-up support services including job development and replacement assistance. Recently, we added an intensive computer skills training component to prepare young adults for today’s competitive job market. Other Center programs offer youth opportunities to become responsible, active community members through participating in structured activities that improve their lives and those around them. See website for details.

The Family Center

Services Provided: Provides free multidisciplinary legal and social services to eligible families in 5 boroughs of New York. Services include service coordination, legal / advocacy services, buddy and mentoring programs, and counseling. Emphasis on families living with aids or cancer and serious illness, grandparent/kinship caregivers, and children at risk. If we can’t provide the services you need, our informed and connected staff will refer you to an organization that can. Website has online inquiry form.

The LGBT Community Center Family Support Programs

Services Provided: The Center’s programming and services help you navigate relationships and parenthood. Providing services and support for you, from questions about starting a family, to parenting support and networking, to couples/relationship counseling, legal and medical resources and referrals for LGBT families, we can connect you with the information you need.

The Foster Parent Connection is designed to support and educate LGBT foster parents and prospective parents on working with foster care agencies, adoption through foster care, and common concerns and obstacles.

Parenthood Through Adoption is for LGBTQ people exploring the possibilities of becoming parents through agency or independent adoption.  Learn about the steps in the process, common concerns and obstacles, and available resources.

Family Law Clinic ( By appointment only monthly on the fourth Monday) Family building questions answered by an adoption attorney. 2nd parent adoptions, known donor agreements, and other family building areas related to private or public adoption.  Center Families’ Family Law Clinic provides the LGBT community with the opportunity to have questions answered and concerns addressed by an attorney.

Contact the Center for more information, or visit the website for program descriptions and sign up for the Center Families newsletter.

You Gotta Believe! Parent Support Groups

Services Provided: Agency facilitated support and discussion groups open to all families in all five boroughs and Long island. See website for meeting times and locations. . Also has Radio support group every second Sunday of the month. Adoptive parents facilitate a discussion about parenting teens, field calls and emails from parents, and have expert advice for dealing with even the most challenging situations. See for more information.

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