Kinship Care, Law and Regulation

Options for Relative Caregivers

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A best practice training for relative kinship caregivers and guardians

Children come to live with their relatives and fictive kin in a number of ways, and only some of these ways involve a child welfare agency. Kinship care arrangements fall roughly into three categories: informal kinship care, voluntary kinship care and formal kinship care, including relative foster care.

We will provide an overview of all of the options available to kinship.  We will discuss differences in financial support, casework and long-term permanency.  We will also discuss how to access services, guardianship versus custody, Kinship Guardianship and the child-only or non-parent TANF grant available to some relative caregivers.

  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Subject Areas: Kinship Care, Law and Regulation
  • Facilitate by: Amy Drayer

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