Parenting to Heal the Traumatized Brain

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A best practice training for adoptive, foster and kinship caregivers; child welfare professionals

This workshop will provide parents and professionals supporting families with evidence-based parenting tools to help children heal from adverse histories. We will explore the impact trauma and toxic stress have on a child’s developing brain structure and function. Specifically, participants will learn about how long-term exposure to stress hormones changes the structure of the mid-brain and cortex. Participants will also understand how brain functioning is impacted, about the change in the production of hormones and sensitivity to neurotransmitters. 

Together we will explore the link between a child’s history of adversity, the resulting brain differences and the child’s development and behaviors.  Disrupted development and inconsistency across developmental areas will be discussed. Challenging child behaviors (e.g. flight-fight, impulsivity, executive function difficulties, emotional dysregulation, reactive aggression, sensory integration) will be considered in relation to differences in brain structure and function.

The workshop will highlight research-based interventions that promote brain healing (neuroplasticity and neurogenesis), including but not limited to physical movement, play, sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, felt safety and the importance of having a safe, stable, nurturing relationship. Participants will receive specific, evidence-based therapeutic parenting tools that will support their child-parent relationship and help their child’s brain heal – including behavior matching, rhythmic movement, mindful breathing, chewing, tapping, music, etc. 

The goal is for participants will leave the workshop able to look at their child’s behavior in a new way (what happened to my child rather than what is wrong with my child) and equipped with parenting strategies to help their child heal and grow.

  • Length: 3 hours
  • Subject Areas: Biology and The Brain, Parenting, Trauma and Resiliency
  • Facilitate by: Renee Hettich

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