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Adoption and Guardianship Assistance Program for Everyone

post adoption support program

AGAPE is the Coalition’s free support, information and educational program open to all adoptive families and relative caregivers who have custody or guardianship of children.

Our program is staffed by adoptive parents and social workers with specialized training and experience working with families formed through adoption and guardianship. The program offers clients the opportunity to consult with a social worker around any concern that is placing stress on the family and together decide if AGAPE can provide more assistance to the family.

AGAPE’s services are provided free of charge. Whether its a simple question, a need for more training or a more challenging problem, we are here to guide you. Our guiding principle is that adoptive and guardianship families should have the support they need when they need it.

We offer a menu of post-adoption and post-guardianship services that includes:

  • Tailored Assessment and Brief Counseling
  • Referral to Services
  • Case Management and In-Home Support
  • Advocacy to Help Secure Services
  • Parent Support Groups and Parent Mentors
  • Information and Education as needed

Our team will work with your whole family to determine how we can best help.

AGAPE is offered in nineteen counties.  Our offices:

Looking for Post Adoption Support in another county?  Check out the Regional Permanency Resource Center Map or download a printable PDF of the map here.

Funded by the Regional Permanency Resource Centers initiative of the

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