Adoption/Foster Care Therapist Network

 AFCTN Adoption/Foster Care Therapist NetworkThe mission of the Adoption/Foster Care Therapist Network of New York (AFCTN) is to create a robust referral network of attachment, adoption, and foster care specialized clinicians; and further the training of mental health and related service professionals so that every foster care and adoptive family can receive the services that they need to support a successful adoption.

Fortifying Forever Families

Whether you are a foster or adoptive parent, mental health or related professional, the goal is to provide training and events that will improve our collective understanding of the complex issues related to parenting or treating children in foster care and adoptees and create community and connections that will reduce parenting stress and improve family well-being.

We value the crucial role of parenting and want to make it easier for parents to find services with providers that “get it” and have specialization working with children in foster care, adoptees, attachment disorders, and complex relational or developmental trauma. We want to be a resource for your family to be nourished to heal and thrive.

About the Network Therapists

Our network of Therapists and Counselors specialize in the treatment and support of foster care children and their families.

All AFCTN members are New York State mental health clinicians and providers who identify themselves as having experience, training, and specialization in working with foster, kinship, and adoptive families. At this time, service providers are included in the Therapeutic Services section of the AFFCNY online foster care and adoption services directory and identified as AFCTN network members.

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