New York Bills to Watch

Pending Legislation in New York State

In Albany, the Coalition works with legislators and legislative staff to change the law so it works for families in the system.  We review pending legislation in terms of language, intent and the outcome of any new laws enactment. Often, the Coalition will officially weigh in as either supporting or opposing those legislative changes.

Please check the links on the bill numbers to get the current status.

New York State Legislative 2018-2019 Session

A2199A/S4203A: “Preserving Family Bonds” Act

Grants family court judges the discretion to order continued visitation and/or contact between children and their birth parents and/or their siblings after a parent’s rights have been terminated. The judge may grant post-termination contact at the disposition hearing in a termination of parental rights proceeding when such contact is deemed by the Court to be in the child or children’s best interests.

The Coalition is NOT in favor of this legislation.

  • On June 14th, it was passed by the New York State Senate.
  • On June 18th, it was passed by the New York State Assembly.

At this point, ONLY A VETO by Governor Andrew Cuomo can prevent this overreaching bill from becoming law in New York State.

Please join us in demanding a Veto from the Governor.  We need EVERYONE to help stop this from happening right now!

A8313/S6518: “Subsidy Revocation”

Authorizes the social services department to terminate the subsidies that may be provided to a parent who adopts a disabled or hard to place child under certain circumstances, most specifically, determined to be “lack of support”.

The Coalition is NOT in favor of this legislation. Please see the Coaltion’s  Position on Subsidy Revocations S6518-A8313 for more information on this  issue.

A5494/S3419: The “Adoptee Rights” Bill

This legislation, referred to as the “Weprin/Mongomery Bill” will allow adult adoptees to request, through the Department of Health, a long form, non-certified copy of his or her original birth certificate (OBC) just like those non-adopted.

The Coalition SUPPORTS this legislation. Please see the Coalition’s OBC One Sheet for basic information on A5494/S3419.

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