New York Bills to Watch


Pending Legislation in New York State

In Albany, the Coalition works with legislators and legislative staff to change the law so it works for families in the system.  We review pending legislation in terms of language, intent and the outcome of any new laws enactment. Often, the Coalition will officially weigh in as either supporting or opposing those legislative changes.

Please check the links on the bill numbers to get the current status.

New York State Legislative 2017-2018 Session

A8020/S5790: “Preserving Family Bonds’ Act

Grants family court judges the discretion to order continued visitation and/or contact between children and their birth parents and/or their siblings after a parent’s rights have been terminated. The judge may grant post-termination contact at the disposition hearing in a termination of parental rights proceeding when such contact is deemed by the Court to be in the child or children’s best interests.

The Coalition is NOT in favor of this legislation. Please see the Coalition’s Memo in Opposition to A8020 S5790 for details.

A8313/S6518: “Subsidy Revocation”

Authorizes the social services department to terminate the subsidies that may be provided to a parent who adopts a disabled or hard to place child under certain circumstances, most specifically, determined to be “lack of support”.

The Coalition is NOT in favor of this legislation. Please see the Coaltion’s  Position on Subsidy Revocations S6518-A8313 for more information on this      issue. 

A5036/ S4845: the BAD “Adoptee WRONG” Bill

This bill creates a new court procedure for obtaining birth certificates and medical histories of adoptees; permits an adopted adult to access a copy of their OBC if birth parents and the judge deems it so.

The Coalition was NOT in favor of this legislation though this bill was passed in both the Assembly and the Senate.

Along with the Donaldson Adoption Institute ( DAI), Voice for Adoption, North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC), Child Welfare League of America (CWLA), the Coalition has presented a letter to Governor Cuomo requesting a veto action on the “bad” Adoptee Rights Bill A5036B. Read the letter to Governor Cuomo here.  With the Donaldson Adoption Institute, we have broken down fifteen reasons why  A5036B must be vetoed by the Governor

Happily, Governor Cuomo DID veto A5036B on December 29th. Huge thanks to all who sent postcards, letters, or made calls! We did it!

A6821A/S5169A: The “Adoptee Rights” Bill

This legislation will allow adult adoptees to request, through the Department of Health, a long form, non-certified copy of his or her original birth certificate (OBC) just like those non-adopted.

The Coalition SUPPORTS this legislation. Please see the Coalition’s OBC One Sheet  for basic information on A6821A/S5169A.

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