New York City Foster and Adoptive Parent Manual Initiative

As we know, many foster parents feel that they don’t have all the information they need to do the best job possible. In 2012, the Coalition worked with the New York City Administration for Children’s Services to develop a template for a personalized, agency-specific foster /adoptive parent manual for New York City foster care agencies.  The fill-in-the blank manual provides New York City  foster care agencies with a cost effective, efficient mechanism to create their own personalized manual containing information about agency-specific policies and procedures on communication, financial issues, training, and other information their families need to know.

All New York City foster care agencies are welcome and encouraged to utilize the manual template and personalize it for the foster parents they serve. During 2012, we began working with Catholic Guardian Society & Home Bureau, SCO, St. Dominics, Abbott House, Leake and Watts, Children’s Aid Society, Forestdale and New Alternatives for Children.  To date, Leake and Watts and SCO have finished their manuals (see links below) and several other agencies are close to completion.

The Coalition strongly encourages New York City agency foster parents and professionals to inquire about your agency’s progress and/or plans, and all New York City foster care agencies to consider utilizing this important and cost-effective new tool to provide increased support and information for foster and adoptive families. We would be glad to assist you in any way to encourage your agency’s participation.

Click on the links below to download a pdf or word version of the manual template.  Areas highlighted in yellow indicate suggested sections for individual agency edit and personalization.

Funding for this Coalition initiative was provided by a contract with the New York City Administration for Children’s Services utilizing funds from Casey Family Programs, and the National Center for Child Welfare Excellence.

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