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The Coalition  curates and maintains the event calendar listings, but you can help by adding any events that we might have missed.  

To add an event please fill out as much as possible in the form below.  If there is a link to more information or a registration page, that can be included as either a link where indicated or in the description area.  In general, the more information, the better a listing we can provide. If it is a reoccurring event ( monthly, weekly etc.), please use the “frequency” option rather than having to submit multiple separate events.

Events can be listed in multiple categories, but overall please use:

Once submitted, we review your listing and make sure everything  links to and works as it should.  Your event listing will be added to the calendar within a day or two. 

Please note: with the exception of conferences and online events, such as webinars, we are only accepting event listings that are within New York State.

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