Ideas for Parent Group Projects

  • Buddy / Mentoring programs. Some formal structure required.
  • Formal Foster Parent Association / Agency linkages and or meetings. Formalize parent group / agency advocacy procedures. Ombudsman / liaison programs.
  • Improving parent / agency relationship projects. Foster parent conducted / developed caseworker training programs. Parent Group to sponsor Caseworker of the year awards, social events
  • Establish clothes / school supply closets, negotiate local store clothing/shoe discounts
  • Respite Partner Family programs; recruit churches or volunteer groups to provide respite. Match families. Respite registry.
  • Warm lines, different than buddy programs. Publish list of phone numbers and/or email addresses of experienced parents with expertise in specific areas. Information and Referral number.
  • Local foster parent resource manuals with local service provider guides (annotated by foster parents). Think about non-traditional services such as barbers who are great with kids or stores who give out free cookies. Include local policies & procedures for DSS and service providers and a list of foster parent names and numbers. Think about selling ads to cover costs.
  • Parent Group foster parent training and information projects – speakers, newsletters, briefing papers, brochures, web sites, electronic bulletin boards or discussion groups.
  • Advocacy based projects: rate increase campaigns, or advocacy/assertiveness training for foster parents.
  • After – School / Weekend Respite Programs for Kids: Think about libraries, miniature golf courses, youth centers, churches, movie theaters, sporting event tickets. Projects developed and sponsored by Parent Group/Agency/Community Agency or Business partnerships. Camps or weekend retreats.
  • Foster parent nights out or weekends away sponsored by local businesses or service groups.
  • Child-centered family recreation events, i.e bowling, swimming, amusement parks, festivals
  • Tutoring programs, solicit donated computers for kids.
  • Foster care youth development activities: newsletter, radio programs, employment programs sponsored by businesses. Youth involvement in recruiting activities: youth speaker’s bureau, youth authored newspaper articles.

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