Journey Home Foster Care Awareness Projects

One of the best parent group project ideas we’ve seen in a long time is hosting a foster care awareness day for local policy makers and community leaders to increase public awareness of foster care issues and financial support for local programs that prevent child abuse/neglect, support foster families and children, and help ensure a permanent home for every child. We’ve identified some successful projects around the country that we hope will inspire you to think about sponsoring a “Journey Home” project in your community.

The idea is simple – put community leaders on a bus to participate in a “Journey Home” and spend their day walking in the shoes of the numerous foster children in their community. Make stops at the local emergency room, social services offices, the family court, a foster home, etc.; and leave participants often times unaware of where they were going next and what was in store – mirroring the confusion and anxiety of children entering foster care. End the day with a panel of speakers – foster and adoptive parents, social workers and and youth in care providing their perspective on foster care.  Below is information about current projects to inspire you about the possibilities.

Journey Home Project – Mercer County West Virginia

Journey Home Project – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

More info about Wisconsin Project

Grayson County, Kentucky (pdf)

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