Sample Support Group Website

The following was created by a small workgroup of New York State foster/adoptive parents attending an Coalition Link Gathering who were challenged to use the internet to “get the word out” about parent group and community support services.


Name: foster&


Home Page Contents:

  • Who Are We: Foster and adoptive parents working to provide support and information to other foster and adoptive parents
  • Mission Statement: To see that foster and adoptive parents have the information needed to parent their children
  • Links to Site Pages: (see below)


Site Pages:


Service Resource and Links

  • Articles and Health Issues
    • ADD
    • ODD
    • Learning disabilities
    • Anger Management
  • Books and Videos

Upcoming Events

  • Local, Regional and Statewide special Events
  • Group meeting times
  • Training events

Organizations and Agencies

  • Local agency contacts
  • National and State Resources- Keep it simple!
    • AFFCNY
    • NACAC

Message Board

  • Questions asked by general public and and answered on-site

Legal Information

  • Articles
  • Internet Resources
  • Local agency policies and forms

Group Email Group

  • Registration Information for restricted list serve for parent group members only

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