Reframing parenting training for adoptive parents

Reframing Parenting

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A best practice training adoptive, foster and kinship caregivers. Extended family members also welcome.  A modified version is available for child welfare professionals.

A structured support group training designed for parents raising children with adverse childhood experiences or difficult past histories. Reframing Parenting can be presented as an 18 hours six-week series or as a ten-hour, two-day weekday or weekend series.

The training explores:

  • Building connections with your child before correcting their misbehaviors by using an attitude of play, acceptance, curiosity, and empathy
  • Supporting your child through their sometimes difficult behavior to get them back on track to more socially acceptable behavior
  • Blocked trust often evident in children who have experienced trauma or have experienced disruption
  • Blocked care common among parents raising traumatized children, how our children can “plug in” to our own wounds, and the importance of self-care
  • Deepening connections with them.

The concepts explored in Reframing Parenting apply to children of all ages.

  • Length: 10 or 18 hour options
  • Subject Areas: Parenting, Trauma and Resiliency
  • Facilitate by: Coalition staff

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