Richard Lefebvre Administrative Coordinator

Richard Lefebvre

Coalition Team Members, Staff

Administrative Coordinator | 631-598-1983 X1012

Richard is fluent in all things technology. Serving as the Administrative Coordinator,  he is helping the Coalition navigate the modern era of technology and keeping things online out of the AGAPE Long Island office.

In addition, Richard is a Nobody Ages Out advocate at You Gotta Believe. As a youth advocate he helps in the effort to connect teens to permanent, “unconditional” families. He is a certified MAPP trainer and coaches potential parents on the skills they would need to parent a teen coming out of the foster care system. Richard provides a unique perspective on the subject as a foster alumni himself.  Through sharing the story of his own experience, parents to see a perspective that might not typically be seen.   Richard also works directly with youth in care; stressing that they have a right and deserve a family while reassuring the kids in care are not alone.

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