Internships at the Coalition

The Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition is a statewide organization with its offices in New Paltz.  We have a small staff that works with volunteers, a board of directors, an advisory committee and local parent support groups located throughout the state.  Our office is on Main Street, across from the bus station with regional service to Kingston, Poughkeepsie and Newburgh, convenient to local college campuses and a five-minute walk from SUNY New Paltz.

Example of potential internships include:

Website Updating, Maintenance and Redesign:

Our WordPress website contains over 400 pages of content and has over 7,000 visits per month.  Assistance is needed in updating content, re-designing specific sections of the website, optimizing the website for the search engine (SEO) and developing new content where needed.  Perfect for Communications majors, marketing majors and others. 

Social Media and Publicity:

The Coalition has a growing presence on Facebook and Twitter.  In addition, the Coalition published a bi-monthly newsletter via MailChimp.  Assistance is needed with providing and distributing content on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, in creating newsletters and in publicizing the work of the Coalition and issues important to foster and adoptive families via traditional media statewide.  Perfect for Communication majors and others.

Research and Information:

A large part of what the Coalition does is provide up-to-date information for foster, adoptive and kinship families that is not available elsewhere and/or is easy to understand.  Interns can play an important role in researching and synthesizing new and evolving topics or updating information on current topics.  For example, there is no uniform rate for stipends provided to foster families for the cost of raising children in their homes.  Each county has a different rate and there are multiple rates for each county.  Interns surveyed counties and developed a comprehensive statewide list in 2009.  This needs to be updated.  An excellent project for sociology majors and/or those with a human services concentration looking for a macro-level view of the human services field.

Advocacy and Legislation:  

The Coalition advocates on behalf of foster, adoptive and kinship families in Albany and New York City.  Interns can play a role in developing and promoting our advocacy agenda and in coordinating/participating in visits with legislators.  A good option for political science and sociology majors, and/or those with a human services concentration.

Writing Mini Curricula:

Work with Coalition staff to develop mini curricula that can be used for informational and training sessions with foster, kinship and adoptive parents and professionals. Topics to be considered might include; trauma informed care, how to work with your case worker, preparing a child for transition, etc. A great opportunity for students with psychology, sociology and/or human services focus.

If interested in interning at the Coalition or know of a student who is, please send over a resume, any course requirements, proposed length of internship and scheduling possibilities to Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy, Program and Services Coordinator, at or call Claudia at (646) 688-4321 to discuss.

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