Advocacy, Outreach and Information


justice scalesAs the state’s foster and adoptive parent association, the Coalition is the voice for foster, kinship and adoptive families in New York.  Since our founding, we have worked to create change in our foster care system and the world of adoption.  This work continues today and throughout the year.

We regularly speak to groups around the state about foster care, adoption and kinship care. Upcoming events can be found on our event calendar.

We work with the media to advance issues important to our families and combat negative stereotypes. 

In Albany, we work with legislators and legislative staff to change the law so it works for families in the system. We also support legislative efforts in Washington D.C.

Finally, we work with staff at the New York State Office of Children and Family Services, the New York City Administration for Children’s Services and others to encourage reform of the system.

Want to book a speaker from the Coalition or have a question about the Coalition’s position on an issue?  Contact Richard Heyl de Ortiz at 646-688-4321 or

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