Youth Education

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All too often adoptive and foster parents find they must train others to be more responsive to the needs of adopted children, children cared by relatives, or children in care. Making sure your child’s teachers and educational environment are safe and welcoming places for our families is key.

Special Education

Special education is tailored to meet the needs of students with disabilities. The services and supports one child receives may be very different from what another child receives. It’s all about individualization. What’s important is giving kids the resources they need to make progress in school.

Summer Camps and Programs

Summer Camp can provide children with an opportunity to build independence, new friendships, and pursue interests while providing families with much needed respite. 

Preparing for College

Increasingly, laws have been passed to help adopted foster care youth receive college financial aid. Former foster youth  who “aged out” of the system could qualify for virtually all loans and grants, but since family income is included in determining eligibility.

Scholarships for Adoptees and Foster Youth

Various tuition waivers, vouchers and programs as well as institution specific scholarships may be available solely for adoption or foster youth according to geographical location.

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