Trauma and Mental Health

Adoption is a delicate process that comes with many different considerations. The relationship between an adopted child and his or her adopted parents is unique, and in many ways is unlike that between parents and their biological children. It is difficult to predict how a child will adapt to his or her new home and family, so it is important to prepare for several different considerations about the mental and emotional wellness of adopted children.

While there are inconsistent findings on the relationship between adoption and mental health, there is enough to know that it is not 100% the same as parenting a child born to you. Some studies of adoptees suggest greater self-reported drug use, antisocial behavior, negative emotions and other behavioral problems compared to non-adoptees. There is a known four times risk of attempted suicide. Yet other researchers report that adoptees engage in more pro-social behavior than non-adopted adolescents, such as helping disadvantaged populations.

As parents, the best bet is to be educated, aware and informed. This section on trauma and mental help will provide addition discussion and resources on:

Effects of Early Childhood Trauma on the Brain

Adverse Child Hood Experiences (ACEs)

Building Resilience

Grief and Loss

Finding Competent Help

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