About Us

The Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition of New York provides support, information and advocacy for foster, kinship and adoptive families and related professionals in New York State.

Incorporated in 1975, we provide services to help support parents, children and youth. We educate the public, legislators and government leaders about the needs and realities of foster, kinship and adoptive families. Finally, we collaborate with child welfare agencies and other groups to ensure that families are best able to support and parent the children in their homes.

We represent the families’ viewpoint and work to improve and expand the services available to children and families.

Our Mission:

The Coalition unites foster, adoptive and kinship care families, giving them a voice and providing support, information and advocacy. By fostering communication and collaboration between families, agencies and concerned citizens, we seek to ensure the stability, well-being and permanency of all children touched by the child welfare system.

Our Vision:

No foster, adoptive or kinship care family in New York State will feel alone or unsupported and that all such families will have the tools, support and community they need to nurture their children and be role models for others.

Our Goals:

  • Educate and support foster, kinship and adoptive parents and the professionals who serve them through information-sharing, services, peer support and referral.
  • Improve services available to children and families.
  • Increase citizen involvement in local service planning and delivery.
  • Educate leaders and stakeholders about the realities, challenges and rewards of foster, kinship and adoptive parenting.
  • Advocate for greater support of foster, kinship and adoptive families by federal, state and local agencies.

To learn more, read about our current programs and meet our team.

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