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Supported families equal strong families. 

The Coalition is New York’s foster, kinship and adoptive family association. We are a voice for families throughout the state. Our Foster and Kinship Care Support Program is the place to get questions answered, ask for assistance solving problems or inquire about additional training and support. We are parents and professionals with specialized training and experience working with families formed through foster care, kinship care and adoption.

With our Foster and Kinship Care Support, we offer support to families, from those just beginning the process to those years in.

A Source of Trusted Information

Need help figuring out where to begin?  Maybe you have been thinking about becoming a foster parent for a long time or maybe you suddenly received an emergency phone call saying that a family’s members child has been taken into care, the Coalition is here to help you navigate these new waters. Whether you are just beginning to search for a foster care agency to work with or are questioning what the requirements are, we can help get you oriented and on your way.

A Network of Local Peer Parent Support Groups or Training in Your Area

The Coalition supports and coordinates volunteer and agency-led parent support groups for foster, adoptive and kinship parents throughout the state. We partner with other groups, large or small, to bring trainings and events to the vast reaches of the state. For parents, there is no better support than connecting with others who have walked in your shoes. The Coalition curates an statewide event calendar for all related trainings, events, films, workshops, and conferences related to foster care, kinship care, adoption, and the issues surrounding.

Personal Advocacy and Assistance

Navigating the foster and kinship care system can be confusing. There is a seeming maze of agencies and rules. Our system is layered. We are a parent-friendly resource that can help.

Our HelpLine is designed specifically to assist foster, adoptive and kinship families, related professionals and those wanting to foster or become parents. Individuals who contact our HelpLine will speak directly with someone, most often a parent who is also a professional in the child welfare field, who can help answer their questions, listen and help problem solve, if necessary.  In addition to one-time assistance, we can also follow up with callers at a later date and providing continuing assistance.

  • Any question, any time: With our 24/7 HelpLine, we are here and available when you need us. No question too small, no problem too big.
  • Family Court: Too often, foster parents and relatives receive little training about family court and law. While we are not attorneys, we can explain the process and help you be a better advocate for yourself.
  • Understanding the basics: Considering become a foster parent? Have you taken in a relative’s child and not sure whether or not foster care is for you? We can help you understand your options.
  • All about financial support: Foster parents and relatives are entitled to financial support. We can give you the details.
  • CPS and Allegations: We offer nonjudgmental support to foster parents and relative caregivers who have been accused of abuse or neglect.
  • Advocacy and Ombudsman: Sometimes, misunderstandings arise when working with an agency. Our staff can work with you on a plan of action and, if necessary can speak with the agency on your behalf to work toward a solution.

Those needing help and support may either call the HelpLine or reach out to Amy Drayer, Director of Foster, Kinship and Parent Group Services directly. Amy is based out of the main office in New Paltz and is usually available during regular office hours. Contact Call Amy at 646-688-4321 X1009 or email her at

Looking for Post Adoption and Post Guardianship Support? Achieving permanency is not the end of the journey.  The Coalition, composed of many adoptive parents and relative caregivers, know this.  We not only provide ongoing support over the phone and through our parent support groups to adoptive and guardianship families, but are now offering an Adoption and Guardianship Assistance Program for Everyone . AGAPE is free, confidential assessment, education, support, referral and brief counseling service available to adoptive and guardianship families, and to professionals who work with adoptive and guardianship families. Support is available no matter the age of the adoptee.

We partner with the New York State Kinship Navigator. For more information about the Navigator, services in your region or parent support groups in your area, please give us a call.

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