Foster and Kinship Care Support

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Supported families equal strong families.  With our Foster and Kinship Care Support, we offer support to families, from those just beginning the process to those years in.  

Services include:

  • Exploring Foster Care and Adoption: Need help figuring out where to begin?  What to know what the requirements are?  We can help get you oriented and on your way.
  • Family Allegation Support Team: Provides nonjudgmental support to foster, adoptive and kinship parents when allegations have been, or might be, brought against them.
  • Ombudsman: Sometimes, problems arise when working with an agency. Generally, it is best for the family to work out issues on their own, and the Coalition can support you in doing this.  If this does not work, the Coalition can act as an ombudsman or middleman, attempting to resolve the conflict or problem with you and the agency.
  • Family Court Education and Support: Foster parents and relatives often receive little or no training about family court and law relating to child neglect and abuse.  The Coalition can help educate parents about the family court process and, if necessary and if a volunteer is available, pair parents with another parent experienced with family court to attend hearings with you.
  • Events, Trainings and Support Meetings: The Coalition curates and maintains an event calendar that lists various trainings and other adoption/foster/ kinship related events across New York State.

Contact Amy Drayer; Director of Foster, Kinship and Parent Group Services  

Call Amy at 646-688-4321 X1009
or email her at

Those needing help and support may either call the HelpLine or reach out to Amy directly. Amy is based out of the main office in New Paltz and is usually available during regular office hours.

We partner with the New York State Kinship Navigator. For more information about the Navigator, services in your region or parent support groups in your area, please give us a call.  

Looking for Post Adoption and Post Guardianship Support? Achieving permanency is not the end of the journey.  The Coalition, composed of many adoptive parents and relative caregivers, know this.  We not only provide ongoing support over the phone and through our parent support groups to adoptive and guardianship families, but are now offering an Adoption and Guardianship Assistance Program for Everyone . AGAPE is free, confidential assessment, education, support, referral and brief counseling service available to adoptive and guardianship families, and to professionals who work with adoptive and guardianship families. Support is available no matter the age of the adoptee.

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