PSP: the Parents Supporting Parents Network

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The Coalition supports and coordinates volunteer and agency-led parent support groups for foster, adoptive and kinship parents throughout the state. We partner with other groups, large or small, to bring trainings and events to the vast reaches of the state.

For parents, there is no better support than connecting with others who have walked in your shoes. 

Find a Parent Group in Your Area

To see if there is a parent support group in your county or area, visit our Online Directory of Foster Care and Adoption Agencies and Services in New York State. Service areas are broken down by county for ease of use.

Register for a Coalition Sponsored Training or Event

Throughout the year, the Coalition hosts events and trainings throughout the state. You can view all upcoming events easily on our registration page. To RSVP, just click on the event image. You will be taken to a page with more information about the event and how to registered.

Find Other Training or Events in Your Area

The Coalition curates an statewide event calendar for all related trainings, events, films, workshops, and conferences, related to foster care, adoption, and the issues surrounding. See what’s happening next week in your neighborhood or add your own event!

Join Our Online Parent Support Group

In order to remove as many barriers as possible between families and the support they need, the Coalition created an online private support group on Facebook. As a private support group with a control membership, parents have access to others all around the state and during all hours of the day.

Sometimes, geography, circumstance or time make attending a parent support group not feasible.  In these cases, the Coalition can try to identify an experienced foster or adoptive parent in your area to serve as a mentor. We also assist starting up parent groups in areas where there is a need with funding, trainings, and more. If you run a parent group or want to start one, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Contact Amy Drayer, our Director of Foster, Kinship and Parent Group Services, at 646-688-4321 or

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