Struggle for Identity; Issues in Transracial Adoption Video

The Coalition’s award winning video, produced in collaboration with Photosynthesis Productions available on a Struggle For Identity (Special Edition) featuring the original “Struggle for Identity” and “A Conversation 10 Years Later” with bonus scenes, transcripts, and more!

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Struggle for Identity: Issues in Transracial Adoption –  A training tool designed to inform adoptive and foster parents about the needs of their children of a different race or ethnicity. The video presents a starkly realistic account of the trans-racial adoption experience. Narrated by young adults who were adopted as children, this 20 minute documentary examines the effects of trans-racial adoption on individuals, families, and society. Widely considered the definitive video on the subject, Struggle has been incorporated into county and state training and recruitment programs across the U.S. and has been seen in countries around the world.

Struggle for Identity: A Conversation 10 Years Later: A captivating follow-up to the original Struggle. John and Michelle return to reflect on their experiences participating a decade ago in the first film, and why they have made trans-racial adoption their life’s work. This all new 20-minute video is included on the Struggle For Identity Special Edition DVD.


Preview Struggle for Identity: Issues in Transracial Adoption

“If I had to use one word to describe the film it would be as follows: excellent, balanced, informative, provocative, enlightening, inspiring, challenging, moving, uncompromising, focused, wonderful… this is one of the best films I have seen. ” Abdul-Rahmaan Muhammad, Senior VP., The Village for Families and Children

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