Genesee County Foster Care Agencies

Foster Care Agencies in New York State

Genesee County Department of Social Services

Services Provided: Families begin Resource Parenting Program with enrollment in 30 Hour MAPP class held 3x a year. After completing MAPP participants who feel ready can begin the certification process. For couples interested in both foster care and adoption, or only adoption, both partners must attend each meeting. Individual make-up sessions are not possible. No scheduled orientation sessions, families who call will receive personal visit from county staff who will provide information about options.

Hillside Children’s Center Genesee/Orleans

Services Provided: Multi-service agency based in Rochester, NY providing long-term and short term therapeutic foster care services in 20 NYS counties. Pre-certification training and home study takes 3-6 months. Emphasis placed on working with birth families. Foster families receive weekly visits from FP support team, 24 hour on-call support and respite services. Also provides infant, international, and special needs adoptions services.


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