Monroe County Foster Care Agencies

Foster Care Agencies in New York State

Catholic Family Center Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Program

Services Provided:Unaccompained Refugee Minor Program serves youth served coming from all over the world, without parents/family and fleeing war, persecution, abuse, neglect, gang violence, trafficking.  Specialized training and support for people interested in becoming foster parents for this unique population.  Information meetings held monthly

  • Address: 87 N Clinton Ave, Rochester, NY 14604 
  • Phone: 585-546-7220 ext 4508
  • Website:

Cayuga Centers

Services Provided: Treatment Family Foster Care program that works with hard-to-place youth who cannot stay at home but do not do well in group settings. At Cayuga Centers, these youth are placed with highly trained and supported treatment foster parents. Foster parents and youth work with a team of specialists to meet the goals of changing negative behaviors and developing positive ones. Cayuga Centers offers two Treatment Family Foster Care programs: Central New York and New York City. Each location has an ongoing recruitment program for foster families.

Hillside Children’s Center Monroe County Region

Services Provided: Multi-service agency based in Rochester, NY providing long-term and short term therapeutic foster care services in 20 NYS counties.  Rochester office serves Monroe, Ontario, Wayne, and Yates counties. Pre-certification training and home study takes 3-6 months.  Emphasis placed on working with birth families.  Foster families receive weekly visits from FP support team, 24 hour on-call support and respite services. Also provides infant, international, and special needs adoptions services.

Monroe County Department of Human Services

Services Provided: 30 hour MAPP course held 9X year. Evenings once a week for 10 weeks,  Orientation/Information meetings first Tuesday of every month at Monroe Comm. Hospital. Home visit and income verification required prior to enrollment.  Need families for teens and siblings groups.  Adoption unit refers to HF for training, priority is foster care but will work with families interested in waiting kids.  Have Spanish speaking staff to assign to Spanish speaking families and may run Spanish language class if sufficient interest expressed. Contact agency for further information.

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